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Remembering Who We Really Are
[One Infinite WE Within Our Own Individual Me]

Remembering Who We Really Are

[One Infinite WE Within Our Own Individual Me]

Please accept this gift from my Heart. This vision is about changing the paradigm from the old "What One Can Get" monetary system built on debt, to a new "GIVING From the Heart" to others as an "Act of Kindness". It can be of one's gifts, skills, possessions, lending an ear, paying someone a compliment, a bright smile, a warm hug and this ebook. It's my hope to inspire you to carry on the tradition to make a difference for someone else.

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Below is an excerpt of the text:

It's the divine that rhymes
Through our Heart's sacred chimes
For Forever and all times.

From the very first cells
That our physical life bells
We are All HEART
From that very first Start.

And from that first being All HEART
Came into being our every part
Including our dual hemispheric brain
Which can sometimes drive us in sane.

So let's fall out of our head
Back into a moment of our Heart
Where all creation did initially start.

From my Heart
I impart
The all of Me
I know to BE
That lives within Eternity.:

Slowly I remember it all over again;
As above outside, so below within.

Life is like being within a round crystal ball
That reflects back to us our infinite inner all.
The two extremes and the all in between
Make up this whole paradoxical dream.

What is good without bad?
What is happy without sad?
What is Light without dark?
What is an end without a start?

Life's extremes each define one another.
What is one without the other?

The in-between is more than it seems;
To the whole it provides the means.

Where yin and yang meet
Is to all creations treat.
It's the stargate to the all
That really becons our call.

And that stargate is within me and you.
When you open your heart to all that's true
You will then see the true star buried deep within you
In a newer light from another point of view.

It's time Now to reach for the star
That we each within really and truly are.

What it takes to really be a star
Is to Be the real you that you really are...

So remember your Dreams of the Highest Degree
As they are your means to see your true me.
Remember your Feelings of your greatest Highs
As your window to your soul to help you realize
Who you Really are through subtle disguise.

Who we really are is in Who we most wish to truly Be
And who our Heart wishes to express so naturally.
It wells up from the infinite depths of Our Heart
Shining the glory of each and every part.

This is my current individual point of view
That I Feel in my Heart to be what is true:

Who I Am in the All that I truly Am
includes who you are in the All that you really are.

For what if everything and everyone conceived
That you have really and truly perceived
As being outside and "separate" from you
Were really you too
From another point of view?

Then Unconditionally Loving one another
Would be Unconditionally Loving you too
From an entirely different point of view.

Can you feel in your heart how this rings true
That deep within we are all one within you?

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Please feel free to pass this FREE download onto others who you feel may be blessed by this ebook. I deeply thank all of those from the infinite depths of my heart who contribute in any way to this publication. Sponsors can contact me at ch3@wewithinme.com.

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Who We
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Infinite WE
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Who We
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Infinite WE
Within Our Own
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Remembering Who We Really Are
[One Infinite WE Within Our Own Individual Me]
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